About company

Sante has operated on the Polish market since 1992 and specializes in the production of healthy food.

Sante has operated on the Polish market since 1992 and specializes in the production of healthy food. The company’s establishment was initiated by Andrzej Kowalski, whose brothers - Wojciech and Marek became his partners.

Today the first employee of the company – Witold Szpak is also the partner. The mission of our company is to promote healthy lifestyle by educating consumers within the scope of healthy eating.



Fast development

At its early days the company sold parapharmaceuticals, herbs, cereal products, sunflower seeds, lentil seeds and soy beans. In subsequent years the company’s offer was successively diversified by products included in the group of healthy food – wheat bran, oat bran, wheat germs, soy burgers, crunchy and muesli.  
The next step in the company development was the contract concluded in 2000 with Alpro. On the basis of this contract Sante became sole distributor on this brand in Poland.
Thus the portfolio of Sante was supplemented by natural and healthy plant products (beverages, dessert), being an alternative for products of animal origin (milk, yoghurts).



More than 200 products

The company’s offer contains more than 200 products, including:
•    breakfast products,
•    soy food products 
•    bran, kasha and grains
•    cane sugar
•    bars
•    oat cookies 
•    sea salt and low-sodium salt
•    peanut butter